13 August 2016

A lost roam and the first video


Being a fleet commander (or an FC for short). At the start of my EVE career, it never occurred to me to take up this role. However, ever since I joined PvP corps, FCs have always intrigued me. Their tactical knowledge about the game, ordering a group of people what to do, ...

My first time as an FC was about a year or two ago. I was a complete noob and I wasn't really sure what I was doing. But we went out, killed something, had fun and died. This past week, I took the role of FC upon me once again. We went out to nullsec with interceptors. However, our group wasn't really big, about five of us. This made our range of targets a lot smaller compared to a group of ten guys. We roamed around, whilst I was looking on Dotlan for new systems to check out but everyone in nullsec kept docking up unfortunately. All in all, the roam wasn't successful killboard-wise but it was a good experience to get back into FC'ing again. I will certainly try and organize some more roams with hopefully more friends to tag along.

Yesterday, our nullsec wormhole connected to a nice pocket in Providence space. Dotlan showed some nice activity a few jumps out so me and a couple of friends decided to go check it out. Our fleet consisted out of an interceptor, a Sabre, a Vagabond and an Omen Navy Issue (me). The guys in tackle jumped in to the target systems first, with the interceptor hunting targets in anomalies and the Sabre waiting at the station to catch them trying to dock up. Our interceptor was landing on two Dominix but they warped off just in time, however, the station was already bubbled by our friend in the Sabre so they couldn't dock up immediately. The Vagabond and myself warped to station and tried to bump the Domi's out of docking range. One Domi was able to MJD out of the bubble and warped to the sun, only to warp back into our bubbles again and die. We also got a nice pod kill with it.

Dominix kill
Pod kill

I plan on recording my fights from now on for a couple of reasons. First of all, this was a way to look back at fights and learn from my mistakes. But this also provides some amusement for you guys. Through these videos, you are able to actually see what happened instead of just reading about it. So without further ado, here is the first recording I made, about the Dominix kill I mentioned above.

Until the next time,
Rakanishu signing off

#end of log 004#

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