22 August 2016

Cool guys don't look at explosions


The past week has been a rather busy week. Not in EVE but in real life though. Though, I was able to free 15 minutes a day to keep my planetary interaction up and running. The PI seems to be doing its work and last time I checked, my current setup should earn me a little over one billion ISK per month.When I logged in today, I noticed there were two alliance ops planned. One was a defense fleet for friends of the alliance, the other one was an offensive fleet.

We didn't have any decent connection to highsec so we started rolling the hole. I don't have a rolling ship in the wormhole just yet, so I was getting ready to scan the new static in search for a good connection. Things had to go fast because apparently the timer of the tower we had to defend was almost running out. After finding an end of life wormhole, we finally reached highsec. I quickly went to Amarr to buy a Guardian (it was an armor T3 fleet but the Guardian was the best option for my wallet right now). We leave Amarr and arrive at the system where the defense was taking place. After sitting on the hole for a few minutes it became clear the friends of our alliance were retreating from their home and got all their stuff out. Due to this, no battle ensued and we were heading back home.

The offensive ops was planned an hour or two later. This time we weren't bringing armor ships but it was a shield fleet because the target wormhole system had a Pulsar. I quickly burned towards my home and reshipped into a Curse. The offensive ops was a citadel (Astrahus) coming out of reinforcement. After about 20 jumps I arrived and shortly after we jumped into the wormhole. We had a nice fleet and were set up for a fight. After bashing the Astrahus, no defense fleet showed up and the citadel went up in flames with great explosions.

Since you can't actually see nice explosions in just screenshots, I captured this beautiful moment in a short video

I'm looking to get more into wormhole PvP again. The last few roams have mostly taken place in nullsec but I want to go hunt in wormholes again. I'm figuring out a decent Stratios fit for this purpose. Suggestions for Stratios fits are always welcome.

Until the next time!
Rakanishu signing off o7

#end of log 006#

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