3 August 2016

Current heading and future plans


Today, I wanted to give you guys a little more insight in what I'm currently doing in EVE and what the future might bring for me. Currently, only my main account is active. However, I will be activating my second account again next week but I'll be heading on a small vacation first though.

My main account has Rakanishu Dindidel on it and two alt characters. One of them is a Jita sitter, which I use for buying stuff or checking prices. The other one has now started training as well due to a limited offer by CCP which involved dual character training for three months. I had no idea what to train that character into, but now I've decided to train her into an incursion alt. This gives me the opportunity to make some ISK in highsec without the need of getting Rakanishu out of w-space.

Rakanishu started as a pure Amarr character. Having near perfect Amarr ship, gunnery and armor skills he's an ideal character for flying Amarr stuff. He's also cross-trained into Gallente, especially for the Proteus. After having finished large lasers V, I'm now close to finishing Amarr battleships V. After that, I'll be training into Marauders. Why? I don't know, because a Paladin is just a sexy ship. I'm still figuring out what to train next, maybe BLOPS? Maybe missile/shield stuff?

My second account contains two useful characters. Mel Miene is a bomber pilot/scout which will probably be training for a Tengu next. The other character, Avaritia, is a bit of an indy pilot. Her usefulness is mostly due to the ability to fly an Occator. This is ideal for aiding Rakanishu in wormhole life, shipping in ships and hauling out stuff when needed.
Both Mel and Avaritia are training into Planetary Interaction. Rakanishu and the, soon to be, incursion alt also have Planetary Interaction trained. If all goes well, I should have 4-5 characters ready to start harvesting PI mats with. I just need to find a good highsec connection to our home to start everything up. I plan (and hope) this to be ready by the end of next week. The PI will provide me with a passive income of ISK, to fund my PvP escapades.

So what are my overall goals? Getting to know the people in the corp I'm in and have some fun PvP'ing (either in fleet with corp/alliance members or solo). If there is no PvP to be found, I may be found (or not if I'm cloaked) exploring wormholes or nullsec in search for precious loot of exploration sites. I will also try to record my upcoming PvP battles. I still need to figure some things out, but I think recording my own battles will help me improve my skills and may also provide you guys with some fun stuff to watch.

Until the next time,
Rakanishu signing off

#03th August, end of log 002#

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