1 August 2016

Hello everyone

Hi there

I am Vince. In EVE Online I'm known (by a few people) as Rakanishu Dindidel. It's not a name I have chosen myself, as I have done some character trading before. However, this name has grown on me and I will continue to use it in the future as well.

I'm 23 years old, born and raised in Belgium. I graduated this year as a nurse and am already working as a fulltime nurse. This is the biggest reason why my gaming time is pretty irregular. I work in shifts and weekends, so it's pretty hard to sustain a solid gaming schedule. But working in shifts is not to bad. It adds a little variation to life.

Gaming profile

I'm quite an allround gamer. I play a lot of games, going from singleplayer games to multiplayer games. I don't mind RTS, FPS, MMO's and all the other stuff. Nowadays, I'm busy playing Overwatch and EVE Online. I've had a small hiatus from EVE but I'm back again and looking for action. This blog will mostly cover my EVE stories though.

My current EVE career consists of wormhole life. Ever since I got a taste of wormhole life, I couldn't stay away from it. Before I got into wormholes, I tried a bit of everything. At first, I was a solitary mission runner in an npc corp. Though, one can only finish this much L4 missions until it gets boring. Looking around on forums and streams, I decided to take a little risk and joined FW low sec. It was a great time and I learned a lot from PvP, though the corp decided to take other directions and I left together with some other guys. After that I tried some nullsec but that's just not for me. Ratting and docking when you see a neut, no thanks (no offence to any nullsec dudes reading this though!).

Can't remember exactly when I heard about wormhole life, but at a certain point I joined WormBro. A reddit based wormhole corp focused on teaching newbies the ways of the WH life. I had a great time there, growing from a complete newbie to a guy who was FC'ing small gang fleets. After a while I took a pause from EVE. Though, when I got back, I got straight back into WH life. Me and a fellow Belgian EVE player even formed our own WH corp. It was a great experience (even with the logistic nightmares) but the corp growed unexpectedly fast and it ended up failcascading (on a small level though, not like large alliances).

Now I'm back in a WH corp which focuses on PvP. I'm in here with that fellow Belgian EVE player and we're having tons of fun. My killboard gets some action and I'm enjoying EVE again. The following posts will most likely be about my PvP adventures in this corp and other stuff.

#End of log 001#

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