7 August 2016

Laying the trap


This blog tells the story of a fun fleet night on the 18th July. I logged on in EVE and noticed a fleet was getting ready. When I got onto comms, I asked what ships were needed. We were going cruisers and down, but the fleet didn't have an interdictor yet. This was like music to my ears since I love to fly interdictors. I got into my Heretic and undocked.

The night began pretty calm and our roam seemed to scare all the ratters in the nullsec pocket we were connected to. After a while, we found a system where people seemed to be mining. There were a lot of cargo containers and a few enormous freight containers floating around. Local was filled with the inhabitants of the pocket. The FC of our fleet contemplated about setting a logoff trap for the miners. Since I was the only one flying in an interdictor, I safe logged in between their cargo containers while the rest of the fleet moved along a few systems. Once my character was safely logged out, I logged back on and waited on the character selection screen.

After about 15 minutes and some banter on Teamspeak, we decided it was time to check on the trap. I logged back on and joined fleet as soon as I could. Short range d-scan told me that there were three skiffs near me. When I got back on grid, they were about 2-4km away from me. The placement of my Heretic couldn't have been any better. I immediately start locking them, start webbing two of them and put up my bubbles. After placing 'www's' in chat, my corpmates started dwindling in one by one. It was only a matter of time before we started killing the skiffs.

The three skiffs were all dead and podded. Though, truth to be told, one pod got away when a Garmur landed on field to try and safe his friends. But we still killed the Garmur though. During this process I had to warp out due to being redboxed. When I warped back in to place another bubble, my ship was podded by the backup fleet (Hurricanes, interceptors and other stuff). Most of the other guys got out safely and our mission was a great success.

It was the first time I participated in a logoff trap and I must say, it brings joy when you see your ship landing right next to your target.

Until next time,
Rakanishu signing off

#end of log 003#

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