30 August 2016

Logibro and a painful loss


On the 23th of August some wormhole friends called and asked for assistance. They started roaming with T3 destroyers and Guardians and had a fleet of 8 members. There was an Astrahus vulnerable and it seemed like the locals wanted to defend it. The fight escalated with the defenders bringing an Archon on field. We rolled our C5 static as quickly as we could so we could scan down the chain as fast as possible to get a decent highsec. Since we had to pass Amarr, I was quickly stopping by to shop for ships. The fleet was in need of more Guardians so I figured I could help by buying and flying one (which reminds me to get my logi skill up to 5).

It's been a while since I flew logi but I figured it couldn't be that hard. Add you anchor to watchlist, sort your broadcasts and give reps where needed. While we were on the move, the fleet got a bit bigger. They were able to kill the Archon. However, there was still a FAX on grid. With the possibility of another cap kill, everyone rushed to the entry system to try and help blow the cap into pieces.

When I finally arrived (damn Guardians and their slow warp) the FAX was starting to bleed a bit of armor. I put on my capchain and started anchoring up on the logi anchor. Fortunately, I brought some drones so I could whore on the kills. For some reason there was a Tempest and a Rattlesnake warping in. My drones were able to catch up to the Tempest in time, but the Rattlesnake was already a wreck before I was able to get a hit on them.

Kills: https://zkillboard.com/kill/55718315/ (Tempest)
https://zkillboard.com/kill/55718429/ (Apostle)

All in all, the op didn't take that long (well it probably did but our part in it didn't last long) but it was fun to get a Guardian out again.

But that's not everything I have to tell you guys. I also have to admit I screw up. Badly. Before I tell you how I screwed up, I need to give you some more information about how I got started playing with Rakanishu. My character before Rakanishu had skillpoints everywhere and wasn't really focused. After a while I decided to sell my main and buy a more focused character with my eyes on an Amarr focused character. Whilst looking through the character bazaar, I found Rakanishu, placed my bid and won. The char had nice stats and everything I was looking for. It was a surprise for me to see he had a clone with +5 implants on it. This clone was really nice to have for accelerating my training time.

Fast forward to August 28th. A few days ago I placed my +5 clone in the citadel of my corp, so I could switch between a combat clone with +3 implants and my training clone of +5 implants. Turns out this wasn't such a good idea. When I hopped into the expensive clone, I also jumped into a shuttle which I renamed "CHANGE CLONE FIRST" and I logged off. When I logged back on (on August 28th) there was a ping for some PvP. I hopped into my Heretic to help with tackle and moved to nullsec. After roaming for a while, I'm waiting at a gate for some friends when some neutral guys start warping in and attacking me. I jump through to the other side, only to find a gatecamp waiting for me. I get shot, bubbled and die. Quickly. The Sabre had me bubbled. Then it hit me, right at the point where my Heretic was exploding: I'm still in my training clone.

I must admit, I was a bit pissed at myself for not paying attention to my clones. But on the other hand, I never really payed for this clone myself so.. Though it still hurts to see it on my killboard.

Loss: https://zkillboard.com/kill/55803172/ (Heretic)
https://zkillboard.com/kill/55803177/ (Pod)

Anyhow, fun was had, lessons were learned, on to the next log of Rakanishu's Spacelogs.
Rakanishu signing off o7.

#end of log 007#

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