17 August 2016

Say hello to my little friends


They're here. My alts that is. Today, I decided to activate the subscription on my alt account. Why? It helps me with a couple of things. One of my alts is a decent scout, the other one makes my wormhole life a lot easier because she can fly hauling ships.

It was about time I got more stuff into the wormhole I'm living in and some of the loot out. I also decided on selling my site running Legion to get me some more ISK. The Legion was barely used and I figured that I could just get something cheap in to run an occasional C2 site instead of risking a blingy Legion to get C3 sites, if there's a decent C3 in the chain. This sale, together with the value of exploration loot gave my wallet a decent boost. With this boosted wallet, I can now spend more ISK on PvP ships, which makes it a lot easier to get into battles without being afraid to lose ships.

Once I saw a decent Highsec connection, I got out the Legion and went to Amarr. Traded all the stuff to my trading/hauling alt and let that character handle all the market stuff. After that I bought an Epithal to move back in, in order to collect some of that sweet PI (more about that later). I looked up some corp fits on fleet-up, bought some ships I like to fly, put everything together into an Occator and hauled everything inside.

Once I was inside the wormhole, it was time for some tedious work. I decided it was time to set up some planetary interaction (PI). This would help me get a stable monthly income without to much work. It's been a while since I had to set up PI, but I was quickly reminded at the tediousness of this task. I had to look up my old configuration again (thank god I still had my old planets 'up and running') and got started. Because I had both my main character and my alt character in the wormhole, I set both of them up. This amounts to about 10 planets total. After I finished setting up the planets, I went to work. When I got home, I noticed we had a decent connection so I hopped my scouting alt into a covops ship and got her into our home. This character also has skillpoints invested in planetary interaction, so I decided to set up her planets as well.

End result of today? Alt account subbed, combat alt safely inside the wormhole and 15 PI planets are running. The total amount of 15 planets should net me a nice monthly income of approx. 1bil at least (I hope. We'll see next month). Though I do not plan on stopping here. I still have two more characters across my accounts which have been trained into planetary interaction. They will be set up somewhere in the near future, but there's no rush. I'm happy I got 15 planets running so far.

See you guys later!
Rakanishu signing off

#end of log 005#

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