30 September 2016

Bringing solo back and slingshotting out of death’s embrace

With the previous blog post, I announced that I wanted to do some more solo PvP, well, this week was a good week. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to have a good time with my corp members due to the lack of free time. However, I liked solo PvP’ing with Rakanishu but that forced me to move Rakanishu out of the wormhole. This got me thinking  about other possibilities. I figured that my alt, Mel Miene, who’s also in the corp might be suited for lowsec FW PvP. Mel Miene didn’t really see that much action in the wormhole so far. Every now and then she was used as a scout or primary tackle but these were mostly things Rakanishu was able to do on his own. So I talked to the CEO of my corp and he didn’t mind taking out my alt into FW.

The main reason which caused this idea (of going out there solo) to pop up in my head is Zarvox Toral. I don't know if you guys know him, but he's a streamer on Twitch. He takes out all kinds of ships and blows them up gloriously in solo PvP (unless he gets blobbed). His streams are always informative and it really sparked my interest in taking out ships for solo PvP.

One of the next days, the highsec connection wasn’t that bad so I grabbed a shuttle and went to Amarr with Mel Miene. Since I’m a big fan of Amarr (and Mel Miene is Caldari, so they’re allies…) I decided to enlist her into the 24th Imperial Crusade. I immediately joined the militia chat and started to talk to some fellow Amarr loyalists. After a quick chat, I started fitting up some ships. At first I tried a Corax but eventually I went for a dual web, rocket fitted, scram Kestrel.

Quite a few kills were had, quite a few deaths were had as well. Best part of this? I had a lot of fun and didn’t even care when I lost a ship, I just bought a new one and started warping to the FW system again. Most fights I’ve had were 1v1 so far, which are the fights I’ve been looking for. This one time, I got killed by an insta-lock gatecamp but ah well, that happens. So far, it seems that I am going ISK-positive on my killboard (I must admit, I do care a bit for my killboard), but the most important part is that I’m having fun. Another great thing about this is that, I’m able to log in, do something for 15-20minutes and log back out if needed. If I have more spare time, I just try and hang out with corpmembers.

Today was a fun day as well. I decided to take out a Corax again. Though last time I used a passive tanked Corax, I now took out an active tank Corax.
In the first system I was going through, I noticed a Kestrel sitting in a small complex. I warped to the anomaly, took the gate and noticed the Kestrel sitting 5km away from me. We immediately engaged one another but my active tank was holding quite well and I emerged victorious. After docking up to repair my heat damage, I went to a system next door. I sat in a small complex when a Rifter appeared on d-scan. He warped in but he was to fast (MWD with arty kite fit) to apply my web or scram. He kept orbiting me at range at about 20km. After figuring out his orbiting cycle (it was a long and boring 5 minutes to be honest since he barely applied any damage, though after 5 minutes he finally got my in structure) I tried to slingshot out of his point range. I admit, there were a few failed attempts on slingshotting but I finally managed to land a perfect slingshot. This just happened to be at the point where a Succubus was warping in. Due to the slingshot manoeuvre I was aligned to a celestial. I kept spamming the warp button while I saw the distance between me and the Rifter getting bigger and bigger. Finally I heard “Warp drive active” and left the Rifter behind to get destroyed by the Succubus. About 2 minutes later I saw a gf appearing in local and a kill appearing on my killboard, huza!

Instead of linking every single kill/loss I had now, I’ll just show a screenshot of my killboard for now or you guys can look it up as well over here: https://zkillboard.com/character/94671858/

That's it for now. I will keep you guys posted about my solo FW adventures and WH stuff. I'm hoping to gain more experience in FW so that I'll be able to take out Cruisers on a roam as well.

Rakanishu singing off o7

#end of log 013#

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