3 September 2016

Catching up to catch snakes


A while ago, I received an email stating that there would be an alliance ops soon. It involved 'sleeping in' somewhere and the op would take place the day after. However, I also thought something was about to happen the day everybody was gathering at the sleepover place. To the regret of a few guys, including myself, nothing was really planned for that night. I decided to turn my ship 180° and turn back home because I knew I wasn't able to come on the op the day after because of work.

Fast forward to the day after the sleepover was planned. I got home from work and noticed the fleet was still going. I asked my Belgian friend in corp where the fleet was at and where they were going. Good thing, the fleet was reforming into confessors and everyone was moving to Amarr to buy one. Rakanishu was still sitting in the home wormhole so I switched to an empty clone, undocked the citadel in my pod and self-destructed. Rakanishu came back to life in a system 2 jumps from Amarr. Bought my Confessor and quickly went on my way to the meet-up system so I could catch up to the rest of the fleet (I even got there before the rest of the fleet!). Appearantly, another wormhole group scouted some Russian Rattlesnakes farming sites and asked for more guys. Once we got there, we moved in and waited one jump out of the target wormhole until we were sure they were running sites again.

We waited about 15 minutes until it was 'go-time'. The scout scared the Rattles a bit so they warped back to the wormhole connecting to their homesystem. Meanwhile our fleet was in place and bubbles were up. They were able to jump through the wormhole but the other side was bubbled as well. We ended up killing a few Rattlesnakes. I missed a few kills because one of the rattles jumped through and I went after it to tackle it on the other side.

Rattlesnake kills: https://zkillboard.com/kill/55850139/ & https://zkillboard.com/kill/55850117/

The day before this operation, I was able to test my combat probing skills again. I noticed an Imicus floating around in space on d-scan, moving from time to time. I used my alt, Mel Miene, to combat scan it down, warp to it and scramble it. It's a cheap frigate, but you never know what it may hold so I decided to kill it anyway. Once the frigate was tackled I warped in Rakanishu, who was on his way in a Stratios, to deal the killing blow. Nothing really good dropped, but I got to test my combat scanning skills again.

Imicus kill: https://zkillboard.com/kill/55829461/

See you guys next time,
Rakanishu signing off o7

#end of log 008#

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