17 September 2016

You kill some, you lose some. Today, I lost.


Let me start by telling you guys that I had a bad idea during past night. I got home from a night out with some friends and didn’t want to go sleep yet. Main reason I didn’t go to bed at 1.30 AM my time is that I have night shifts coming up at work. So I tried to stay up as late as possible so  I could sleep long during the day and be ready for the night shift.

I logged in and set up all my PI cycles on my various characters. When I finished doing that, I decided I might do some late night hunting in my Stratios. Some corp members were online as well but not too many at this point. Never really bothered hopping on comms, which I should’ve done but ah well. After jumping through some systems I noticed this space was really quiet, so I decided to go back home after half an hour. One jump before the system our wormhole connection was at, I see a corp member jumping in local. He noticed a Rattlesnake on a gate. We kind off decided to go for it, so I jumped through, tackled it and went in for the kill.

Two mistakes were made here (actually three: logging in at night): Not being on comms and going in blind sighted against a PvP Rattlesnake. His Geckos ate right through my armor and there was nothing I could do but say my final goodbye to my Stratios (https://zkillboard.com/kill/56130108/) . Meanwhile, I hopped on comms and some other corp members arrived on comms as well. We decided to reship and try and get a fight out of him, but the Rattlesnake pilot was just playing games and didn’t want to fight 4-5 of us. One of our corpmembers lost his Gila as well, while trying to tackle the Rattlesnake at a gate and holding it until others arrived, but he got popped rather fast as well.

Anyhow, lessons were taught, lessons have been learned. Rakanishu signing off o7

#end of log 011#


  1. Shame on you, not getting on comms ;)

    1. I know right. I'll try and remember it in case I log on at night again ;-)