23 October 2016

Exploring the (un)known

Let me start with an IRL update. A big part of the preparation to move out has been completed. Walls have been painted etc. Slowly moving in stuff and furniture and I’m expecting the bigger furniture parts by the 7th November. So it’ll still be some busy weeks with not much time for EVE but there’s a brighter future on the horizon once the move is completed!

So what’s been happening with Rakanishu and EVE Online. I decided to move out the wormhole corp I was in. It was a hard decision and it required a lot of thinking, but it’s for the best. W-space is a space that requires time, something which I don’t really have at the moment. The only thing I was able to do was a quick peek in nullsec and gather my PI resources (mainly the latter). Therefor, since I was getting a bit bored with just picking up and hauling PI, I decided to leave. I left on good terms and there’s still a possibility of me going back to the corp once everything settles down.

For now, I decided to retreat back into the (un)known: highsec space. The plan is to base myself out in a highsec system, close to lowsec. I’ll be doing missions (I know right) in highsec to get my standing up and earn some LP. But I’ll also use this as a base of operations for wormhole day tripping and exploration. At some point in the future I will bring PvE and PvP ships to my base of operations, get started with scanning down wormholes and daytrip. If I find a wh with sites to run, I’ll go back, fetch my PvE ship and earn some dank ISK. If I find some possible PvP, I will get my PvP ship and try to get some pew pew.

Another way of finding PvP will be roaming the lowsec space bordering my current home system. I’ve already encountered a miner out in an ice belt. However, I was in a PvE confessor, looking for Blood Raider sites so I couldn’t really take him out. I decided to be somewhat of a dick and shot his drones though. He warped off and I’ve sent him 5mil ISK as SRP for his drones. We actually had a chat for about 10 minutes and I got invited into his corp’s public chat.

That’s it for now. This plan is still in development and we’re just getting started. I’ve already got a PvE confessor in for missions. Plan is to get in a Paladin for L4’s (perhaps) and exploration/PvP ships as well.

Meanwhile, I’m having a blast in solo PvP with Mel Miene. Stay tuned for more updates!

Raka signing off o7

#end of log 014#