30 August 2016

Logibro and a painful loss


On the 23th of August some wormhole friends called and asked for assistance. They started roaming with T3 destroyers and Guardians and had a fleet of 8 members. There was an Astrahus vulnerable and it seemed like the locals wanted to defend it. The fight escalated with the defenders bringing an Archon on field. We rolled our C5 static as quickly as we could so we could scan down the chain as fast as possible to get a decent highsec. Since we had to pass Amarr, I was quickly stopping by to shop for ships. The fleet was in need of more Guardians so I figured I could help by buying and flying one (which reminds me to get my logi skill up to 5).

It's been a while since I flew logi but I figured it couldn't be that hard. Add you anchor to watchlist, sort your broadcasts and give reps where needed. While we were on the move, the fleet got a bit bigger. They were able to kill the Archon. However, there was still a FAX on grid. With the possibility of another cap kill, everyone rushed to the entry system to try and help blow the cap into pieces.

When I finally arrived (damn Guardians and their slow warp) the FAX was starting to bleed a bit of armor. I put on my capchain and started anchoring up on the logi anchor. Fortunately, I brought some drones so I could whore on the kills. For some reason there was a Tempest and a Rattlesnake warping in. My drones were able to catch up to the Tempest in time, but the Rattlesnake was already a wreck before I was able to get a hit on them.

Kills: https://zkillboard.com/kill/55718315/ (Tempest)
https://zkillboard.com/kill/55718429/ (Apostle)

All in all, the op didn't take that long (well it probably did but our part in it didn't last long) but it was fun to get a Guardian out again.

But that's not everything I have to tell you guys. I also have to admit I screw up. Badly. Before I tell you how I screwed up, I need to give you some more information about how I got started playing with Rakanishu. My character before Rakanishu had skillpoints everywhere and wasn't really focused. After a while I decided to sell my main and buy a more focused character with my eyes on an Amarr focused character. Whilst looking through the character bazaar, I found Rakanishu, placed my bid and won. The char had nice stats and everything I was looking for. It was a surprise for me to see he had a clone with +5 implants on it. This clone was really nice to have for accelerating my training time.

Fast forward to August 28th. A few days ago I placed my +5 clone in the citadel of my corp, so I could switch between a combat clone with +3 implants and my training clone of +5 implants. Turns out this wasn't such a good idea. When I hopped into the expensive clone, I also jumped into a shuttle which I renamed "CHANGE CLONE FIRST" and I logged off. When I logged back on (on August 28th) there was a ping for some PvP. I hopped into my Heretic to help with tackle and moved to nullsec. After roaming for a while, I'm waiting at a gate for some friends when some neutral guys start warping in and attacking me. I jump through to the other side, only to find a gatecamp waiting for me. I get shot, bubbled and die. Quickly. The Sabre had me bubbled. Then it hit me, right at the point where my Heretic was exploding: I'm still in my training clone.

I must admit, I was a bit pissed at myself for not paying attention to my clones. But on the other hand, I never really payed for this clone myself so.. Though it still hurts to see it on my killboard.

Loss: https://zkillboard.com/kill/55803172/ (Heretic)
https://zkillboard.com/kill/55803177/ (Pod)

Anyhow, fun was had, lessons were learned, on to the next log of Rakanishu's Spacelogs.
Rakanishu signing off o7.

#end of log 007#

22 August 2016

Cool guys don't look at explosions


The past week has been a rather busy week. Not in EVE but in real life though. Though, I was able to free 15 minutes a day to keep my planetary interaction up and running. The PI seems to be doing its work and last time I checked, my current setup should earn me a little over one billion ISK per month.When I logged in today, I noticed there were two alliance ops planned. One was a defense fleet for friends of the alliance, the other one was an offensive fleet.

We didn't have any decent connection to highsec so we started rolling the hole. I don't have a rolling ship in the wormhole just yet, so I was getting ready to scan the new static in search for a good connection. Things had to go fast because apparently the timer of the tower we had to defend was almost running out. After finding an end of life wormhole, we finally reached highsec. I quickly went to Amarr to buy a Guardian (it was an armor T3 fleet but the Guardian was the best option for my wallet right now). We leave Amarr and arrive at the system where the defense was taking place. After sitting on the hole for a few minutes it became clear the friends of our alliance were retreating from their home and got all their stuff out. Due to this, no battle ensued and we were heading back home.

The offensive ops was planned an hour or two later. This time we weren't bringing armor ships but it was a shield fleet because the target wormhole system had a Pulsar. I quickly burned towards my home and reshipped into a Curse. The offensive ops was a citadel (Astrahus) coming out of reinforcement. After about 20 jumps I arrived and shortly after we jumped into the wormhole. We had a nice fleet and were set up for a fight. After bashing the Astrahus, no defense fleet showed up and the citadel went up in flames with great explosions.

Since you can't actually see nice explosions in just screenshots, I captured this beautiful moment in a short video

I'm looking to get more into wormhole PvP again. The last few roams have mostly taken place in nullsec but I want to go hunt in wormholes again. I'm figuring out a decent Stratios fit for this purpose. Suggestions for Stratios fits are always welcome.

Until the next time!
Rakanishu signing off o7

#end of log 006#

17 August 2016

Say hello to my little friends


They're here. My alts that is. Today, I decided to activate the subscription on my alt account. Why? It helps me with a couple of things. One of my alts is a decent scout, the other one makes my wormhole life a lot easier because she can fly hauling ships.

It was about time I got more stuff into the wormhole I'm living in and some of the loot out. I also decided on selling my site running Legion to get me some more ISK. The Legion was barely used and I figured that I could just get something cheap in to run an occasional C2 site instead of risking a blingy Legion to get C3 sites, if there's a decent C3 in the chain. This sale, together with the value of exploration loot gave my wallet a decent boost. With this boosted wallet, I can now spend more ISK on PvP ships, which makes it a lot easier to get into battles without being afraid to lose ships.

Once I saw a decent Highsec connection, I got out the Legion and went to Amarr. Traded all the stuff to my trading/hauling alt and let that character handle all the market stuff. After that I bought an Epithal to move back in, in order to collect some of that sweet PI (more about that later). I looked up some corp fits on fleet-up, bought some ships I like to fly, put everything together into an Occator and hauled everything inside.

Once I was inside the wormhole, it was time for some tedious work. I decided it was time to set up some planetary interaction (PI). This would help me get a stable monthly income without to much work. It's been a while since I had to set up PI, but I was quickly reminded at the tediousness of this task. I had to look up my old configuration again (thank god I still had my old planets 'up and running') and got started. Because I had both my main character and my alt character in the wormhole, I set both of them up. This amounts to about 10 planets total. After I finished setting up the planets, I went to work. When I got home, I noticed we had a decent connection so I hopped my scouting alt into a covops ship and got her into our home. This character also has skillpoints invested in planetary interaction, so I decided to set up her planets as well.

End result of today? Alt account subbed, combat alt safely inside the wormhole and 15 PI planets are running. The total amount of 15 planets should net me a nice monthly income of approx. 1bil at least (I hope. We'll see next month). Though I do not plan on stopping here. I still have two more characters across my accounts which have been trained into planetary interaction. They will be set up somewhere in the near future, but there's no rush. I'm happy I got 15 planets running so far.

See you guys later!
Rakanishu signing off

#end of log 005#

13 August 2016

A lost roam and the first video


Being a fleet commander (or an FC for short). At the start of my EVE career, it never occurred to me to take up this role. However, ever since I joined PvP corps, FCs have always intrigued me. Their tactical knowledge about the game, ordering a group of people what to do, ...

My first time as an FC was about a year or two ago. I was a complete noob and I wasn't really sure what I was doing. But we went out, killed something, had fun and died. This past week, I took the role of FC upon me once again. We went out to nullsec with interceptors. However, our group wasn't really big, about five of us. This made our range of targets a lot smaller compared to a group of ten guys. We roamed around, whilst I was looking on Dotlan for new systems to check out but everyone in nullsec kept docking up unfortunately. All in all, the roam wasn't successful killboard-wise but it was a good experience to get back into FC'ing again. I will certainly try and organize some more roams with hopefully more friends to tag along.

Yesterday, our nullsec wormhole connected to a nice pocket in Providence space. Dotlan showed some nice activity a few jumps out so me and a couple of friends decided to go check it out. Our fleet consisted out of an interceptor, a Sabre, a Vagabond and an Omen Navy Issue (me). The guys in tackle jumped in to the target systems first, with the interceptor hunting targets in anomalies and the Sabre waiting at the station to catch them trying to dock up. Our interceptor was landing on two Dominix but they warped off just in time, however, the station was already bubbled by our friend in the Sabre so they couldn't dock up immediately. The Vagabond and myself warped to station and tried to bump the Domi's out of docking range. One Domi was able to MJD out of the bubble and warped to the sun, only to warp back into our bubbles again and die. We also got a nice pod kill with it.

Dominix kill
Pod kill

I plan on recording my fights from now on for a couple of reasons. First of all, this was a way to look back at fights and learn from my mistakes. But this also provides some amusement for you guys. Through these videos, you are able to actually see what happened instead of just reading about it. So without further ado, here is the first recording I made, about the Dominix kill I mentioned above.

Until the next time,
Rakanishu signing off

#end of log 004#

7 August 2016

Laying the trap


This blog tells the story of a fun fleet night on the 18th July. I logged on in EVE and noticed a fleet was getting ready. When I got onto comms, I asked what ships were needed. We were going cruisers and down, but the fleet didn't have an interdictor yet. This was like music to my ears since I love to fly interdictors. I got into my Heretic and undocked.

The night began pretty calm and our roam seemed to scare all the ratters in the nullsec pocket we were connected to. After a while, we found a system where people seemed to be mining. There were a lot of cargo containers and a few enormous freight containers floating around. Local was filled with the inhabitants of the pocket. The FC of our fleet contemplated about setting a logoff trap for the miners. Since I was the only one flying in an interdictor, I safe logged in between their cargo containers while the rest of the fleet moved along a few systems. Once my character was safely logged out, I logged back on and waited on the character selection screen.

After about 15 minutes and some banter on Teamspeak, we decided it was time to check on the trap. I logged back on and joined fleet as soon as I could. Short range d-scan told me that there were three skiffs near me. When I got back on grid, they were about 2-4km away from me. The placement of my Heretic couldn't have been any better. I immediately start locking them, start webbing two of them and put up my bubbles. After placing 'www's' in chat, my corpmates started dwindling in one by one. It was only a matter of time before we started killing the skiffs.

The three skiffs were all dead and podded. Though, truth to be told, one pod got away when a Garmur landed on field to try and safe his friends. But we still killed the Garmur though. During this process I had to warp out due to being redboxed. When I warped back in to place another bubble, my ship was podded by the backup fleet (Hurricanes, interceptors and other stuff). Most of the other guys got out safely and our mission was a great success.

It was the first time I participated in a logoff trap and I must say, it brings joy when you see your ship landing right next to your target.

Until next time,
Rakanishu signing off

#end of log 003#

3 August 2016

Current heading and future plans


Today, I wanted to give you guys a little more insight in what I'm currently doing in EVE and what the future might bring for me. Currently, only my main account is active. However, I will be activating my second account again next week but I'll be heading on a small vacation first though.

My main account has Rakanishu Dindidel on it and two alt characters. One of them is a Jita sitter, which I use for buying stuff or checking prices. The other one has now started training as well due to a limited offer by CCP which involved dual character training for three months. I had no idea what to train that character into, but now I've decided to train her into an incursion alt. This gives me the opportunity to make some ISK in highsec without the need of getting Rakanishu out of w-space.

Rakanishu started as a pure Amarr character. Having near perfect Amarr ship, gunnery and armor skills he's an ideal character for flying Amarr stuff. He's also cross-trained into Gallente, especially for the Proteus. After having finished large lasers V, I'm now close to finishing Amarr battleships V. After that, I'll be training into Marauders. Why? I don't know, because a Paladin is just a sexy ship. I'm still figuring out what to train next, maybe BLOPS? Maybe missile/shield stuff?

My second account contains two useful characters. Mel Miene is a bomber pilot/scout which will probably be training for a Tengu next. The other character, Avaritia, is a bit of an indy pilot. Her usefulness is mostly due to the ability to fly an Occator. This is ideal for aiding Rakanishu in wormhole life, shipping in ships and hauling out stuff when needed.
Both Mel and Avaritia are training into Planetary Interaction. Rakanishu and the, soon to be, incursion alt also have Planetary Interaction trained. If all goes well, I should have 4-5 characters ready to start harvesting PI mats with. I just need to find a good highsec connection to our home to start everything up. I plan (and hope) this to be ready by the end of next week. The PI will provide me with a passive income of ISK, to fund my PvP escapades.

So what are my overall goals? Getting to know the people in the corp I'm in and have some fun PvP'ing (either in fleet with corp/alliance members or solo). If there is no PvP to be found, I may be found (or not if I'm cloaked) exploring wormholes or nullsec in search for precious loot of exploration sites. I will also try to record my upcoming PvP battles. I still need to figure some things out, but I think recording my own battles will help me improve my skills and may also provide you guys with some fun stuff to watch.

Until the next time,
Rakanishu signing off

#03th August, end of log 002#

1 August 2016

Hello everyone

Hi there

I am Vince. In EVE Online I'm known (by a few people) as Rakanishu Dindidel. It's not a name I have chosen myself, as I have done some character trading before. However, this name has grown on me and I will continue to use it in the future as well.

I'm 23 years old, born and raised in Belgium. I graduated this year as a nurse and am already working as a fulltime nurse. This is the biggest reason why my gaming time is pretty irregular. I work in shifts and weekends, so it's pretty hard to sustain a solid gaming schedule. But working in shifts is not to bad. It adds a little variation to life.

Gaming profile

I'm quite an allround gamer. I play a lot of games, going from singleplayer games to multiplayer games. I don't mind RTS, FPS, MMO's and all the other stuff. Nowadays, I'm busy playing Overwatch and EVE Online. I've had a small hiatus from EVE but I'm back again and looking for action. This blog will mostly cover my EVE stories though.

My current EVE career consists of wormhole life. Ever since I got a taste of wormhole life, I couldn't stay away from it. Before I got into wormholes, I tried a bit of everything. At first, I was a solitary mission runner in an npc corp. Though, one can only finish this much L4 missions until it gets boring. Looking around on forums and streams, I decided to take a little risk and joined FW low sec. It was a great time and I learned a lot from PvP, though the corp decided to take other directions and I left together with some other guys. After that I tried some nullsec but that's just not for me. Ratting and docking when you see a neut, no thanks (no offence to any nullsec dudes reading this though!).

Can't remember exactly when I heard about wormhole life, but at a certain point I joined WormBro. A reddit based wormhole corp focused on teaching newbies the ways of the WH life. I had a great time there, growing from a complete newbie to a guy who was FC'ing small gang fleets. After a while I took a pause from EVE. Though, when I got back, I got straight back into WH life. Me and a fellow Belgian EVE player even formed our own WH corp. It was a great experience (even with the logistic nightmares) but the corp growed unexpectedly fast and it ended up failcascading (on a small level though, not like large alliances).

Now I'm back in a WH corp which focuses on PvP. I'm in here with that fellow Belgian EVE player and we're having tons of fun. My killboard gets some action and I'm enjoying EVE again. The following posts will most likely be about my PvP adventures in this corp and other stuff.

#End of log 001#