22 November 2016

Hit and run

The day before yesterday I logged on and the corp seemed to have snatched a Rorqual and killed him. The fleet was still going so I decided to spent my little time I had online to join in on the fun. The fleet wasn’t made up of a particular doctrine so I decided to undock my Pontifex for the very first time.

A few minutes before I was able to undock my Pontifex I was about to bring in some ships. I moved out my PI and wanted to bring in some Sabres. A corpmember wanted some Sabres as well so I was hauling 4 Sabres with fittings and a load of bubbles in my shitfit Occator (fitted according to http://www.evilswordfish.com/ his epic Occator fit). Everything seemed fine but then I jumped into the first connection. A Sabre and Sentinel  were sitting on the wormhole . Bubbles went up and I decided to burn back to the wormhole. I have to admit that I had the EVE shakes again when I saw my Occator going down in armor right before I jumped the wormhole to highsec.

Meanwhile I had Rakanishu on the wormhole as well in a PvE fit Confessor (all the bad fits for PvP coming together). The Sentinel managed to warp off as Raka was almost able to blap him to pieces (since I didn’t have warp disruptor). Since I was on comms and a fleet was ready to go to null, my corpmates came down the chain and decided to help me. I docked up and repped in Highsec. We decided to use my Occator as bait while the rest of the fleet was waiting in the next system. Bait was placed and bubbles went back up again but as soon as my friends appeared on d-scan, the ‘hunters’ decided to turn tails and run to highsec themselves. The Occator and its cargo got back safely to our home and I had a pretty sweet escort on the way.

The kitchen sink nullsec fleet was pretty amusing for the short while I was able to come. A few jumps out of the null connection our scout found a few Retrievers mining with a Porpoise chugging along. Our scout was in a Sabre so he managed to bubble all of them. About 6 Retriever went down and we got us a nice new Porpoise kill (https://zkillboard.com/kill/57371532/). After we downed that mining fleet, I had to dock back up and call it a night. Twas a short but good roam.

That’s it for now, Rakanishu signing off o7

#end of log 017#

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