1 November 2016

Working for the wrong family

Highsec. I must admit, I didn’t get the thrills I thought I would out of this adventure. So I moved to a certain system and starting doing level 1 missions for one of the Amarrian families. I did this so I could improve my standing and lower my tax rate in Amarr. After a while, and after talking to a few people, I realized I chose the wrong family to work for. Taxes are partially based on Amarr standing and specific corp standing it appears. The Amarr trade hub is in the hands of the Emperor family, while I was working for another family.

This meant I had to completely move my highsec outpost, since I went and lived in a system that had agents for the other family. Fortunately, it was pretty close to my current hideout, but I had to go do missions in lowsec. The lowsec system was pretty quiet so it wasn’t a big problem to run missions. However, I forgot how boring it can be to run missions. I got to level 3’s before I ran out of courage. Meanwhile, I mostly did some Blood Raider sites as well, to gather some apparel (I love them Blood Raiders, even though I blast them to pieces) and boosters for my characters.

So, after talking to E’dyn (evilswordfish) and the CEO of my former corp for a while, I decided to go back to my former corp. This decision was mainly based on the fact that I have more free time again, since most of the preparations for the move have been finished, and the fact that I was bored to death in highsec.

Yesterday, I’ve already moved in some stuff into the wormhole. The corp moved to a higher class wormhole, so that’s a good thing. That said, I burned through 3/4th of my liquid ISK by getting some ships into the wormhole, but ah well! The only thing I’m not looking forward to, is setting up my PI again. If anyone has a good setup which uses factory planets to create P3 products, let me know!
See you guys next time!
Rakanishu signing off o/

#end of log 015#

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